About Us

furLifeLiving is the home of the world’s first furReality show.  It gives animal lovers a place to get cathartic relief from the stressors of daily life.  Join in, and make it a lifestyle.


We are a lifestyle and entertainment multi-media platform.  All animal lovers looking for therapeutic moments during their day will be given access to an all-furCast of funny, smart, cuddly fur-babies.  We will have everything from the latest furNews, furFun, furActivities, furProducts, and furTips to make your furLifeLiving complete.  Make it a lifestyle!  We have launched the world’s first furReality show.


Have you ever wondered what goes on with your pets when you’re not around?  Do you get a peaceful feeling of happiness when watching pets sleep, play, eat, and get into trouble?  Well, look no further.  furLifeLiving is the home of the world’s first furReality show.  We have cameras in every corner of the house, catching all the action from the points of view of the animals.  You can tune in to the live-streaming 24/7 and get to know the pets and love them.  You’re guaranteed smiles!





Our mission centers on combining our lives with those of our pets and gaining the same benefits as we would from practicing yoga or mediation.  It’s a known fact that our animals improve our health by aiding in lowering blood pressure and staving off depression.  furLifeLiving was created because I wanted to share the euphoria that I get from simply being in the moment with my fur-babies.  Please take a moment to like our Facebook page, and join us by watching the world’s first furReality show.  It is guaranteed to make you smile!

The world’s first furReality show, with cameras all around the house shooting LIVE from the viewpoints of my fur-babies, catching them in action 24/7.

Now you can watch an all-furCast in furWebisodes, furTraining, furFun, and furLiving, and you will get furBenefits, furFacts, furLaughs, and furNews.  Plus, there will be the world’s first furReality show live-streaming 24/7 for a $3.99 monthly subscription fee, with a portion of the proceeds going to no-kill shelters.
Sign up for your first three months and get one month free.  Simply use the following code when you register: furPro.

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Francyne Ellison: Creator, Executive Producer, Writer

Adam EurichProducer, Director of Photography and Video and Technical Supervisor

Tia Harper: Web Developer and Creative Director

Dana Wills: Graphic Designer, Art Director

Catherine Hensley: Content Editor

Jason Christopher: Video Editor