Betty Boop

Betty Boop is a true New Yorker, born in Brooklyn.  Betty’s mother was the neighborhood cat.  She lived in the corner bodega and had about three litters a year.  In 2008, my daughter walked into our house one day with a cute little six-week-old kitten.  I already had a boy cat who was a little slow.  We called him a “goober and booger boy” because he could never seem to keep his nose clean.
Then in walks this cute little kitten cub one day.  My daughter put her on the floor, and we watched her move around with the movements of a lioness.  It was amazing.  I picked her up, looked at her face, and named her Betty Boop.
Betty Boop made herself right at home, quickly carving out her territory.  She had superior stealthiness, even though she was little, and she was the alpha cat.  Our boy cat would follow her, sleep where she slept, climb where she climbed, and stalk what she had her sights set on.  Betty’s energy was fascinating to watch, and you could really get lost in the moment.  It was like watching the rare footage of big cats you see on the Nat Geo Wild channel.
I own a building in Brooklyn and lived at the time in my basement apartment.  Living underground in any property in New York can be an adventure.  Most critters living outside in the elements find their way inside to seek refuge.  But, not one came in once Betty was around.  Soon after she arrived, our house was free from bugs, slugs, mice, and anything that dare cross the threshold of her new terrain.  My apartment became like any other unit in the house above ground.  Betty saved the day!  She became my true cat—the Huntress.



Harvard. His name alone is a lot to live up to, and it comes full of responsibility.  Whether he is herding a pack of dogs at the beach or patrolling the house to ensure his furry companions don’t need a hand in what they are doing, Harvard’s presence is always felt.  From guarding each window and door in the house to being ready to pounce on a suspicious character at a moment’s notice, he takes his role as “my protector” very seriously.  Although I try to tell him that “It’s okay, I’ve got things under control,” he doesn’t go by what I say; he goes by what I feel.  He knows when I am not being the leader of the pack, which is why furLifeLiving is a daily goal’s challenge and blessing.  Our pets are the most sensitive and honest beings around us.  When I am out of touch with how my energy comes across, Harvard “My Protector” shows up.  That’s when I stop what I am doing and thinking and simply relax in the unconditional love of my fur-babies.  As I regain my inner strength, Harvard is ready for The Walk.  This walk is important to Harvard because when I show up with confidence as the pack leader, he enjoys his strolls and loves the outdoors.  He is the envy of all the other dogs (in Mommy’s mind, at least).  Harvard is described by groomers, day camp workers, and friends who watch him when I travel as a love bug, a funny, smart, cuddly, and friendly dog who makes fur friends easily.
Harvard likes to surf the kitchen counters for snacks, keep the trash cans empty, and try his hardest to keep Betty Boop from enjoying her food.  In the house or outside, he keeps me on my toes and encourages laughter and smiles all day.  He is my cute big boy.


Tha Konga

Tha Konga. From the minute we glanced at this cute little furry puppy, we knew she was coming home with us.  She was only eight weeks old and the only little furry girl standing up, wagging her tail and barking in a cage full of sleeping puppies.  Of course, we didn’t know then that her alertness was a sign of what lay ahead.  Instead, we immediately asked the clerk if we could see “that cute little fluffy black one.”  Instantly, we were in love.  At that time, we already had a house full.  But she was so little, and the people at the store reassured us that this new “designer breed” Yorkie-Poo would not get much bigger than the four-pounds-of-fur that sat perfectly in the palm of my hand.

My plan was to tote my new baby around in a trendy doggie bag and jet set out and about with her right by my side.

Unfortunately, that didn’t work out.  Even with her tucked completely out of sight in a tote bag, Tha Konga has a tendency to get us kicked out of every place we go with her loud, non-stop barking.  It got to the point where we’d have to spell out certain words just to communicate because we noticed they were triggers for her relentless, noisy tirades.  Playdates?  Not our girl.  Sadly, they always ended early.  At the dog park, people would graciously pack their kids and dogs up and move to the other side of the park or another bench because Konga would chase and run down all the little diva doggies her height.  These fur-parents were unpleased with having their pooch’s perfectly coifed hair and outfits tumbled upon by our little black furry engine.

We really did want Tha Konga to fit in and be welcomed wherever we went.  So, we bought her a pink dress, thinking it would make her act the part.  She outright refused to walk in it. (Something aboutshe is a wolf, and all the other real dogs will laugh at her…’)

Well, five years and an extra 12 pounds later, our Konga proudly holds the crown for being the cutest and loudest fluffy poopy around.  Whether she eats the cat’s food or our food or occasionally helps herself to the poop in the litter box (until we had the foresight to move the cat food to higher ground), she is still my running buddy.  So, if you ever see me, you’ll hear her happily by my side because she is, after all, my little “designer breed” Yorkie-Poo.



James Trevor, 1st (JT)  This is what we know so far: JT sleeps all day and comes out at night. Wants to play at 2am everyday and is a good kisser! He’s very gentle and his only furFriend so far is Tha Konga. We will keep you updated with more information as we get to know this guy!