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Dr. Christie Cotton

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Dr. Christie Cotton is a noted breeder, handler, and mentor for Australian Shepherds. She has been involved with dogs and spirituality for as long as she can remember. She worked with the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) of Chicago back in the late ‘70s, beginning as a kennel helper and dog walker and eventually began fostering the more challenging cases including fear-biters and aggressive dogs. She also fostered at least 7 females and raised puppies, helping the various foster organizations find permanent loving homes for them. Dr. Cotton found that she was able to communicate with animals by understanding their language and was often able to rehabilitate dogs that otherwise may have been euthanized. She gravitated toward the Akita breed around 1990 and successfully bred and owner-handled them in conformation for about 10 years. Around this time, she also adopted a stray her vet called a “bobtail,” which she later learned was actually an Australian Shepherd. Dr. Cotton was fascinated by this pup’s intuitive ability and found it mesmerizing, as the pup seemed to be able to predict Dr. Cotton’s movements. The pup’s protective side was both reassuring yet controlled. Dr. Cotton then moved from northern California to southern California and began researching the breed more. In 1996, this Australian Shepherd was admitted into the American Kennel Club (AKC), and Dr. Cotton began to pursue her dreams of showing Australian Shepherds in the most elite rings—and the most competitive ones.

Dr. Cotton has been successfully showing and breeding quality Australian Shepherds for close to 15 years. She has puppies in Mexico, Canada, and Brazil. Her commitment to this breed is her passion, and she has self-taught herself and shared many of her ideas with others involved in this breed, from grooming to training to raising litters from a psychological standpoint. Dr. Cotton is adamant that only those animals who meet or exceed the standards in structure and temperament will be used in her breeding program, and she always adheres to a protocol of genetic testing prior to breeding. She does not rely on litters for “income” but instead works as a spiritual counselor, helping to guide others to their highest potentials and intended paths. While once a primary ranch dog, the Australian Shepherd, with its extreme problem-solving intelligence, uncanny perception, and devotion to his/her master or family, is one of the most versatile breeds, going from pet or companion to employing skills such as herding, agility, conformation, search and rescue, and service and therapy. Dr. Cotton honors all the breeders who walked before her and who enabled her to build upon a solid foundation where beauty, brains, and lots of personality all come together in this magnificent breed. Dr. Cotton is a member in good standing with the AKC, the Australian Shepherd Club of America, and the United States Australian Shepherd Association.

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